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Minutes - Sep 23, 2010

City Centre Coalition Meeting Minutes
7pm, Sep 23, 2010
Somerset Community Police Centre
393 Somerset Street West


John Verbaas, Action Sandy Hill, Chair
Cam Robertson, Dow's Lake Residents' Association, Vice-Chair, 
Leslie Kirk, Old Ottawa East Community Asscn; Meeting Secretary
Roland Dorsay, Island Park Community Association 
Clive Doucet, Councillor/Mayoral Candidate
John Courtneidge, federal NDP candidate, Ottawa-Orleans
David Jeanes, Transport Action Canada


George Wright, Glebe resident 
Charles Ackben-Marchand, Centretown Residents Association

1) Administrative
a. Meeting Secretary: Leslie volunteered to be secretary

2) Election of 2010-11 Chair and Vice Chair
  • Cam explained election procedure
  • nominations were closed
  • John approved as Chair
  • Leslie approved as Vice Chair
  • John discussed goals for the Committee, these being, getting a web presence and migration of the list-server to another provider

3) CCC Questionnaire to Mayoralty Candidates re: transportation issues

A. discussed whether this would be a worthwhile exercise
  • Cam noted his involvement with Clive's campaign and as such would not be
  • participating in any questionnaire
  • John asked Clive for his input on this issue; Clive said it would be a
  • waste of time as candidates receive many questionnaires and can only respond
  • to those from certain organizations

B. -discussed what CCC should do instead
  • decided that compiling information about the various candidates'
  • positions on major transit issues would be a good project
  • selected issues: 
    • views on current tunnel/lrt plan, 
    • east end bridge in relation to the importance of getting truck traffic out of downtown, 
    • views on important factors to consider when making decisions in relation to western LRT, 
    • attitudes with respect to building more roads

  • Cam will review Clive, John C. To look into Watson, Roland will research
  • Haydon and John V. O'Brien 
  • information to be forwarded to John V. By Monday, October 3, 2010
  • the results will be circulated to the candidates for comment for
  • verification and final results forward to the CCC list

4) West LRT extension route selection EA
  • discussed important issues for upcoming public consultations
  • important issues being: looking at ridership impacts within the greenbelt
  • as well as to suburbs, intensification/development potential on candidate
  • routes, impact on modal splits, increasing revenue and all day usage, long
  • term plan for rail on Carling in long term future, and environmental impact

5) Bus Transitway Planning recommendations to council
  • John informed us of recent recommendations to council
  • the recommendations being to begin the EA process for a number of new bus
  • transitway expansions that will total 700+ m$ over the next decade
    • Kanata south (Centrum to Scotiabank place & south)
    • Bayshore to Moodie Drive
    • Blair to Innes
    • Hurdman to Innes to Cumberland
  • the latter also includes the Alta Vista corridor 
  • "hospital link" and will be four lanes (2 bus/HOV and 2 general traffic
  • Leslie to pass the 'Hospital Link' info to OECA for comment

6) Other announcements or items from the floor

David: open house for pedestrian bridge over 417 at baseball stadium coming


a. Clegg/Fifth Avenue footbridge 
- 2 firms (Delcan and McCormack Rankin) being allowed to bid on EA
- Public consultations to begin in the New Year
- 2 year timeline for this EA

b.Rideau River footbridge - process is moving quickly

c. Smyth/Main Street bridge rehabilitation: public consultation coming up;
OECA will be suggesting that bridge have better links with the NCC paths
along Rideau river

-Roland: Ashcroft Convent development - outlined the concerns of the various

-John C.: spoke about initiative to create "no fare" transit

Next Meeting: October 28, 2010 (location TBA)