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minutes - 2013-01-30

7:00 p.m.,  Jan 30th , 2013.  
Dalhousie Community Centre
755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa
room 34 (3rd floor back, exit left from elevator)

Present:  J. Verbaas (Action Sandy Hill),  Gaby Schaeffer (Old Ottawa East CA),  Jordan Charbonneau (Centretown Citizens CA), Ida Henderson (Dalhousie CA),  Fraser Pollack

1) Administrative
  - Agenda review, Meeting Secretary
  - Approval of Minutes: Nov 28, 2012

2) Transportation Master Plan Update
  •  report on Jan 29th public meeting
  •  a set of CCC comments was discussed and it was agreed a CCC submission should focus on the following issues:
  • the policy statements in the TMP are good but lacking when it comes to implementation, particularly when trade-offs are required between road usage for cars vs active transportation
  • long term committed funding for active transportation infrastructure is required
  • the transit network design should be a better compromise on the priorities between 'express to the suburbs' focus and also provide more to  'improve all day service' within the Greenbelt
  • the City should commit to a discussion and study on alternatives for road funding which more fairly distribute the costs to those who drive on the roads the most
  • new road network infrastructure build projections must be balanced  better with a realistic view of available development charge funding and development within the greenbelt should bear less of the burden for funding suburban arterial road expansions
  • the City should commit to a study and process to move forward on zone based transit fares
  • the process by which budget money is committed toparticular road expansion projects should be subject to more rigourous justification and open to more public consultation between EA completion and budget funding
  • the City should commit to developing street and transit stop/station design templates that would be used to score/evaluate any projects.

3) Downtown Moves
  •  update on final report
  •  the project had morphed from the promise of changes to downtown streets to mostly a 'toolkit' that could be used in the future if and when funding might be available to improve the downtown street fabric to better accomodate walking and cycling.
  • CCC provided a number of comments on topics such as street template designs, suggestions on specific road sections that are candidates for transformation, and comments on the discussions of 1 way to 2 way street conversions

4) E-W LRT Project - Blair to Tunneys
  • construction implications and temporary parking lot at 160 Lees
  • the City has agreed to turn the greenspace at 160 Lees into a 360 car temporary parking lot (for 5 yrs) for the UofO in exchange for the use of 2 of UofO's parking lots for LRT construction (even tho' this only affect 230 existing parking spaces

5) Update on E-W Bikeway project, eastern portion
  • from Waller to Hemlock via Sandy Hill/Lowertown East/New Edinburgh
  • the process of LRT construction seems likely to require Transitway bus routings onto Laurier St at Nicholas/Waller which will have a devastating impact on plans to construct an E-W cross town bikeway along that stretch of Laurier

6) Update on Interprovincial Crossings Study
  •  Councillors Fleury & Holmes' inquiries to staff on Truck routings/volumes after a bridge is built have not led to very satisfactory answers.  
  • It appears the City planners are satisfied with the outcome of reducing truck volumes on King Edward/Rideau by only 30%
  • They also do not appear concerned about a potential significant increase in truck volumes diverting to the Chaudieres bridge if the community forced a complete ban on through trucks on King Edward/Rideau
  • Mathieu Fleury is continuing discussions with John Moser

7) Any other business:
  • Dalhousie Community Association has receive funding to perform a walkability study for their community

Active Files waiting for next steps:

- E-W LRT Route Selection Tunneys to Baseline
- Interprovincial Crossings Study (announcement of preferred corridor)