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Minutes - 2011-09-24

CCC September Meeting

September 24th, 2011 at 7:00pm at Dalhousie Community Centre


Present:               John Verbaas – Chairperson, Action Sandy Hill;  Leslie Kirk – Vice-chair, Old Ottawa East Community Association; Jordan Charbonneau – Centretown Citizens Community Association; Roland Dorsay, Island Park Community Association Ida Henderson, Dalhousie Community Association; and George Wright, Glebe resident.


1.       Administrative

a.       Agenda Approved with addition of 2 pieces of other business

b.      Leslie volunteered to be meeting secretary

c.       June 29th 2011 minutes approved


2.       Election of Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary for 2011-2012

a.       John – selected as Chair

b.      Jordan – vice-chair

c.       Leslie – Secretary


3.       Alta Vista Transportation Corridor

-          Restart of initiative to remove Phases 2 and 3 from the next Transportation Master Plan (TMP)

-          Pierre Sadik (David Chernushenko’s office) to arrange a meeting in near future

-          John to attend representing Action Sandy Hill

-          Jordan and Leslie to represent  CCC


4.       Pedestrian Bridge Updates (John)

a.       Rideau River Crossing at Strathcona park: report from second public open house to be available soon

b.      Canal Crossing at 5th Avenue/Clegg Street: second open house to be held sometime this fall


5.       Downtown E-W LRT Updates & Downtown Moves Study

a.       Tunnel Re-alignment along Queen Street

-          The re-alignment will result in shallower stations, more flexible construction options aimed at making it easier to stay within budget

-          The RFP to be issued to 3 companies/consortiums

b.      Kick-off of Downtown Moves Consultation process

-          Downtown street renewal intiative due to LRT project

-          Jordan to be CCC representative for this consultation process

-          John is Action Sandy Hill representative


6.       Ottawa River East End Bridge Phase 2B

a.       Results from public consultations meetings: Meetings were held in June in the communities where the proposed bridge might be located

-the lead project manager has changed

-east end communities are now arguing that an east end bridge seems unlikely to provide a  definitive resolution to the downtown truck traffic issue

-the lack of  feedback from truckers was discussed

b.      PCG report September 14, 2011

c.       Review of stated position of elected representatives


7.       Update on LRT W Corridor Selection

-evaluation of the 15 route option combinations continues

-meeting where evaluation results and preferred corridor to be presented

-discussed the NCC’s letter from the summer about the parkway not being an option at this time


8.       Road Re-development Projects Update

a.       Rideau Street (Sussex to Rideau River): next meeting to be in a few weeks; the street lights will be interesting

b.      Scott Street


9.       Interprovincial Transit Study

-          Study report more than 6 months overdue

-          Apparently report to be made available before the end of 2011


10.   Report on Sustainable Transportation Breakfast Seminar (John)


11.   Any other business

a.       Traffic Impact Study (Roland)

-          Developers must provide traffic impact studies to the City when they are applying for approvals

-          The developers hire the consultants who conduct the studies

-          The developers pay the consultants for this service

-      Almost never does the project require any developer costs to improve the local transportation network

-          This does lead to an appearance of conflict which can erode public confidence in the process

-          Is there a way that this process can be changed to avoid the appearance of conflict? Is there a role for the CCC in such a reform effort?

ACTION:       Jordan to ask Diane about this to get some informal feedback

                        John to send Roland a link to City document about traffic studies

                        Roland to lookup traffic impact study for a project near Westboro Station

OBJECTIVE: Get comments from community associations, work towards a meeting with relevant City staff person(s) to discuss issue, suggest ways to avoid appearance of impartiality,

b.      George reported that Cam appreciates the well wishes received

c.       Island Park Drive

-          Was scheduled for re-paving but this has been delayed

-          Gives an opportunity to implement simple redesigns including a traffic signal at Island Park/Iona, Island Park/Carling intersection improvement, redesign of Island Park/Parkway intersection to create a break in the flow of traffic

d.      Gladstone O-train Station

-          There will be a passing track built near Gladstone

-          Has the Centretown Citizens CA has written a letter in support of this initiative?

-          CCC would be able to write a letter in support of this suggestion

e.      Lansdowne Live

-George attended the last Lansdowne presentation; says there will be an appeal of Superior Court decision



Next Meeting: October 26, 2011