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Minutes - 2011-04-28

Minutes of April 28, 2011 City Centre Coalition Meeting

7:00pm at Dalhousie Community Centre

755 Somerset Street West, Room 33


Present:               John Verbaas, Chair, Action Sandy Hill,

Leslie Kirk, Vice-chair, Old Ottawa East CA,

Ida Henderson – Dalhousie CA,

Jordan Charbonneau – Centretown Citizens CA


Regrets :  Cam Robertson – Dow’s Lake Residents Association,   Roland Dorsay – Island Park Community Association

1.       Administrative

a.       Meeting Secretary - Leslie

b.      Approval of Minutes of February 24 and March 24, 2011 meetings – approved with amendment to Ida’s affiliation (representative from Dalhousie CA)


2.       Alta Vista Corridor: Report on meeting with Diane Holmes (Jordan/John)

-Diane advises that next year’s 50M allocation to Hospital Link will go through and that opening the project up to a lower cost redesign was also not an option

-proposal is to work together on removal of Phase 2 & 3 from TMP

-Diane putting questions together to submit to staff

                Action Item: Jordan to follow up with her to make sure that Diane is moving forward on this/perhaps provide input on the question she has developed


3.       Western LRT extension route selection EA

-Report on April 27th PCG meeting reporting on the outcome of criteria evaluation weighting exercise

-Roland attended this meeting

-35 groups submitted weightings, 5 of which were business groups with the balance being community groups

-consultants felt that there was not enough input from business perspective and will be soliciting more input

-Study Team viewed “good/wise societal investment” as most important factor

-a number of route variant options eliminated from the study as being fatally flawed from the outset. However, variants of each of Carling, Byron and Parkway ( the 3 main corridors) remain

-Roland felt that consultants still show a  Parkway bias

-NCC advised that City would have to pay for use of its land at market value should Parkway route be chosen; how could this be determined?

                Action Item: Presentation to be circulated

-next meeting to be held at end of May


4.       King Edward Avenue: proposed reduction from 6 to 4 lanes

-Report on the April 27th council decision and April 26th public demonstration

                -City did not adopt recommendation to go to four lanes

                -Diane Holmes made motioned to introduce 24 hour parking for 6 months as a test but this compromise also failed

                -council wants to leave King Edward at 6 lanes until a new bridge is built

                -public demonstration at Rideau/King Edward was well attended (~100 people)


5.       Latest updates on Downtown Street Design Public Consultations

-Carling (O-train to Bronson): no news

-Somerset (Spadina to Preston): design is finished and construction has started

-Rideau (Dalhousie to Rideau River): John has attended many meetings, issues being width of roads vs. Width of sidewalks, consultants to recommend that some intersections east of King Edward are suited to removing the “middle” left turning lanes in order to widen sidewalks

-Bank Street (Glebe): public meetings are being held to redesign street layouts


6.       Ottawa River East End Crossing Study (John)

-NCC had board meeting to ratify selection of consultant to lead Phase 2B of the study

- 2 bids received at approx 4m$ and 8m$,  NCC recommended the lower cost bid for board approval

- this bid was from the same company that performed Ph1 of the study

-the board initially voted to reject the bid of company that did the first study but then later in the day they re-voted to accept this bid


7.       Mid-town canal pedestrian bridge update (Leslie)

-design charette happened

-positive feedback from the attendees

-importance of participating in the process to show wide support for the project

8.       Interprovincial Transit Study: Report expected December 2010

-still no updates to report

9.       Other Business

a.       Downtown Ottawa Mobility Overlay (about pedestrian traffic) is coming up

b.      Council passed motion to conduct EA on widening 417 from the split to Trim; provincial government offering money for this project’ province wants to widen highway from Trim to Rockland


10.   Next meeting: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 (tentative; location TBA)