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Minutes - 2011-03-24

Minutes – March 24th, 2011 CCC Meeting

7:00pm at Dalhousie Community Centre Room 33

755 Somerset Street West



John Verbaas - Action Sandy Hill, Chair

Leslie Kirk - Old Ottawa East Community Association, Vice-Chair,

Sheri MacPhail – Riverview Park Community Association,

Ida Henderson– Somerset Community Association,

Cam Robertson – Dow’s Lake Community Association,

Roland Dorsay – Island Park Community Association,

Jordan Charbonneau – Centretown Community Association,

George Wright – Glebe Resident,




1.       Administrative

Meeting Secretary – Leslie volunteered

Approval of Minutes of February 24, 2011 meeting – to be considered at next meeting


2.       Alta Vista Transportation Corridor 2011/2011 Budget Requests

-first $5M of funding for hospital link was approved in the 2011 budget

-there was an attempt to remove this item from the budget but it was defeated 21-3 (Chernushenko, Holmes & Fleury)

-John V discovered charts from the Lansdowne Live Transportation Study showing that Bank and Smyth bridge traffic had declined over past 10 yrs, certainly not growing at pace assumed by AVTC EA in 2002

-David Chernushenko and his assistant to meet with Nancy Sheppers in near future

-possible next steps for the CCC: this to remain in CCC radar, pushing for Committee to request staff to prepare a report on other solutions to hospital connection (and determining whether or not an issue exists), approaching new councillors, being ready for Transportation Master Plan review/update


3.       OC Transpo Business Plan

-Members views: general sense that the consultation process flawed in that it happened so quickly, not enough information about methods and justification for particular route changes, no way to see how the changes affect the whole city, changes too focussed on improving rush hour service to detriment of off peak use

-comments from members about issues with particular route changes

-potential CCC actions: decided that CCC comment on the issue would not be feasible as impossible to determine the effect on City as a whole, representatives to forward any useful information or feedback received to CCC listserv


4.       Downtown Street Design Public Consultations

-the sewers under the following road are up for replacement and public meetings are being held to re-design the street layouts (pedestrian, cycling, cars, parking, trees, furniture etc.)

-discussion about the best practices and experience thus far to assist in upcoming consultations

-Roland spoke about his experience with Island Park consultations in relation to cycling solutions. The NCC was not open to any ideas.

-Carling (O-train to Bronson):  “someone” attended a meeting for Carling Avenue and found it to be a positive experience in that cycling was taken into account. Plan is to have bike lanes on both sides of the road.

-Somerset (Spadina to Booth): Ida has been involved in this process, an open house to be held next week

-Rideau (Dalhousie to Rideau River): John V to attend this meeting


5.       Western LRT extension route selection EA (west of Tunney’s to Baseline)

-Roland attended last meeting

-participants were given workbooks to complete in groups to determine priorities and weightings

-the group decided what should be the weightings proposals (to be used for differentiating between potential corridors) put forward by the CCC


Increase Ridership, Mobility and Capacity


Promote Smart Growth


Create Successful Rapid Transit Stations


Wise Public Investment


Compatibility with Adjacent Communities


Apply Sustainable Design Best Practices


Maximize Sensitivity to Natural Environment


Provide a Safe Facility


Protect Historical, Cultural and Archaeological Resources




-there are four groups (Public Consultation Group, Business Group, Government Agency/Technical Group, Consultant Group)

-18 different corridors were screened for fatal flaws and most variations involving Carling Avenue were deemed problematic

-troubling in that the NCC seemed to have some interest in/be open to the Parkway Route


6.       Report on Prince of Wales widening public consultation session


7.       Other Business