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Minutes - 2011-02-24

City Centre Coalition Monthly Meeting
February 24, 2011 at 7:15pm
Old Town Hall (Old Ottawa East), 65 Main Street Ottawa


John Verbaas – Chair, Action Sandy Hill
Leslie Kirk – Vice-chair, Old Ottawa East Community Association;
Cam Robertson, Dow’s Lake Residents’ Association;
Ida Henderson, Somerset Community Association;
Kris Nanda, Riverview Park Community Association;
David Gladstone; Centretown Citizens Community Association
John Dance; Chris Wightman; Wendy McRae; Nadine Chamorel

1. Administrative

-Meeting Secretary: Leslie Volunteered

2. Alta Vista Corridor (2011/2012 Budget Request of $55M)

-David Gladstone and others gave an overview of the history of this issue (corridor between Walkley and Nicholas for the purpose of facilitating South/North transportation; when EA was done a number of years back, various community associations were involved in the leadership positions of the Public Advisory Committees; EA approved the project; community groups challenged the EA but province accepted it; the road has not been built)
-budget provides money in 2011 to start work and more money in the 2012 budget to complete the Hospital Link

-Presentation by Old Ottawa East’s John Dance:

-power point showed how this Link is simply an excerpt from the whole AVTC design, reasons suggesting that there is not widespread support for the necessity of the link, issue that Hume and Watson are both saying that they do not the balance of the corridor developed but no willingness to take it out of TMP, cost issues
-report on actions taken to date
-letters to the editor; councillors contacted directly
-discussion re: further potential actions
-determine the CCC’s goal and strategy to achieve goal (ideally getting the corridor out of TMP is the goal but that is not the problem here; looking at how to address the construction of the Hospital Link; short-term goal to get hospital link out of current budget by trying to shift discussion to whether or not the proposed design is the best solution for the supposed problem (ie. Further study required) and by bringing attention to the very high cost of this project)
-a meeting with David Chernushenko to be held the following week
-get as many community associations as possible to take a formal position against the hospital link
-get media attention

3. OC Transpo Business Plan

-Route Reductions and Proposal to add 75 double-decker buses
-budget contains $20M of savings coming from route reductions but no information on what the changes would be
-budget providing for purchase of 75 double-decker buses that would eventually lead to $6M/year savings
-Discussion of members’ views and potential CCC actions
-concern that any proposed route changes should transparent; not voted on blindly and without consultation
-concern with respect to risks associated with new buses given they aren’t widely used in North America, only one supplier, loading/unloading times, more frequent road repairs
-CCC wanting to state its concern with lack of important information needed to make these decisions

4. Downtown segregated east-west bike lane on Laurier Avenue pilot project

-report from transit committee dated February 2
-project officially approved by council by vote of 21-2

5. Baseline Road Transit Improvements Study

-EA announced to study options to improve transit along Baseline from Bayshore to Prince of Whales
-CCC happy that it is being looked at
-CCC to send an email expressing its happiness

6. Updates on other projects

-Prince of Wales Drive widening: next PCG scheduled for March 3; Cam to attend
-Western LRT extension route selection EA: waiting for next PCG meeting to be scheduled
-Interprovincial Transit Study: still waiting for results (were expected at end of 2010) 
-Interprovincial Crossing Study Phase 2B: Quebec government has now paid its share which means things should get started

7. Other Business: none

Next Meeting: March 24, 2011 at 7:00pm (location TBD)