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2016-06-08 Minutes

Jun 8, 2016   7:00 p.m., Transport Action Canada's Office
Location: 211 Bronson (at Lisgar) Rm 308


CA's Represented:  Francois (Glebe),  Kate (Old Ottawa East), Ida (Dalhousie),  David (Transport Action), John (Sandy Hill), Roland (Island Park)

Regrets: Ben (Centretown)

1) Administrative

- Agenda review,  
- Previous Minutes:  

2) Review of CA activities
  • IPCA: continuing to explore opportunities with the NCC to mitigate traffic impacts on Island Park Drive
    • there are only 2 police officers on duty at any one time available to enforce speed compliance across all parkways in the City
    • RCMP was requesting that trucks up to 5 tons be allowed on parkways (so that they can focus on ticketing only the larger trucks found to be illegally on the parkways)
    • traffic light at Clearview has the go-ahead but no source of funding yet
  • Centretown Parking Study: conlcuding that there was adequate amounts of parking
  • Upcoming (end-April) Transitway closure and bus route changes alongside UofO
    • 20-30 buses per hour re-routed onto Laurier and KingEdward with intersection configuration modifications to KingEdward/Laurier intersection
    • Summer Closure of pedestrian underpass at UofO Campus station
  • Somerset St E. cycling improvements: Adawe Crossing to UofO
    • advisory bike lanes over some of the blocks will be painted on the road as well as buffer painting along area of parking
  • EA study to close Carling EB to 417 WB on-ramp:  IPCA will participate as there are potential considerable impacts to residents and to traffic flows in the area
  • Rideau R. western pathway consultations are ongoing to get consensus on routing for some sections of the pathway
  • Design discussions will begin in June for reconstruction of Elgin St
3) Next Transportation Master Plan Update
  • in an email exchange recently with Keith Egli I was informed that the next update for the TMP is not likely to occur until 2021/2022 timeframe!
  • almost 10 yrs since the previous update
  • CCC agreed this was not acceptable and will begin to explore opportunities to provide this feedback
4) Airport Parkway Widening Environmental Assessment
  • on Jun 1 the Transportation Committee accepted the EA for this 91m$ project
  • to be spread over 3 phases
  • the 1st phase (31m$) is currently listed in the TMP as a 2018-2023 project
  • news articles have hinted that the project Ph1 is delayed to post 2020
  • some controversy about the proposed addition of SB off-ramp to Walkley Rd
  • attempts to co-ordinate a strategy with downtown councilors to put a process in place to measure traffic/congestion levels and trend them over subsequent years as a possible tool to provde data useful in justifying delays to the project until at least post Trillium line expansion (2023) were unsuccessful
  • discussed flaws in the current transportation planning processes which allow council to move from this approved EA phase to project implementation at any future year without any further public engagement 
5) LRT Stage 2 project enhancements
  • Provincial funding announced for 50% of the cost to add 2 new components to the Stage 2 LRT project (approx 180m$)
    • Trillium line extension to the airport and LRT east extension to Trim Rd
  • Provincial Funding of 1B$ also confirmed for Stage 2 LRT
  • as well as Federal Funding to start EA for Post Stage 2 extension to Kanata
    • some discussion ensued as to whether such a stage of the project meets acceptable cost/benefit criteria
6) Downtown Interprovincial Truck Tunnel Study
  • release of the results of the study have now been delayed until fall 2016
  • to be brought to committee/council then for discussion of next steps
  • a meeting is scheduled with Keith Egli for Jun 29th to find out more about the reasons for the delay (project is listed as a term of council priority to be completed by Q1 2016!) 
  • concern was expressed that the delay was being used as a way to lock-in federal/provincial infrastructure funding for other projects first
7) 417 west widening: 
  • Widening Highway 417 in Ottawa between Maitland and Island Park Drive starting in 2016, then from Highway 416 to Maitland Avenue starting in 2019.
  • EA for this work was completed in the mid-2000s
  • some discussion ensued on the level of impact this could have on LRT ridership (negative!)
8) Neighbourhood Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Crossings (PXO's)
  • centreline posts and new pedestrian crossings are beginning to be implemented in some communities  (Marlborough Ave in Sandy Hill)
    • centreline posts are much less expensive to implement than other 'physical measures' and thus provide opportunity to realize benefits on more roads
  • CA's should explore with their councilors how to access some of the 40,000$ per ward per year available for traffic calming initiative
9)  OC Transpo LRT driven route and fare changes
  • express fares/passes to be phased out in 2017 with 6m$ loss of revenue to be made up by 5% cost increases to regular transit passes and 10% cost increases to singe trip fares
  • seems like downtown riders being disproportionately affected and subsidizing outside the greenbelt commuters
  • lack of distance  based/zone based fares a shortcoming of the OC Transpo system
  • it appears these changes are a fait accompli (no public consultation being sought)
11)  Poor results from expansion of Trillium line service
  • 67m$ capital expense project to cut service intervals from 15minutes down to 7-8 minutes
  • in fact only 12min intervals were achieved
  • only minor expansion in capacity, very small improvement in speed at a doubling of operational costs (2x drivers, fuel costs, trainsets)
  • surprisingly little negative feedback from public and media

12) Any other business? Please email if you have items you'd like to
discuss.  Other possible topics: 
  • FCA is taking the initiative to create a transportation committee, CCC will offer to be involved