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2015-10-22 Minutes

7:00 p.m., Transport Action Canada's Office
Location: 211 Bronson (at Lisgar) Rm 308


CA's Represented:  Roland (Island Park/Champlain), Francois (Glebe), Michel (Centretown), Kate (Old Ottawa East, Ida (Dalhousie), John (Sandy Hill)

1) Administrative

- Agenda review,  
- Previous Minutes:  

2) Review of CA activities

Report on major transportation related activities in each area over the recent past  

Island Park/Champlain:
  • Safe streets initiative, 100 intersections catalogued with safety issues to form a database of what changes to be considered whenever work is planned at any of these intersections. 
  • Scott St usage for buses during LRT Stage 2 construction.  Apparently the NCC has signalled that some buses could be diverted to the Sir John A. parkway instead but unclear how many  
  • Traffic lights at Island Park/Cleary.  The NCC has agreed to allow a traffic signal here but it is unclear whether NCC or the City will pay the cost of installation.  A permanent speed board has been setup on Island Park and the data seems to indicated that this does help to bring the speeds down by about 5mph on average
  • Some signs and road paint are to be added to remind drivers on Island Park not to block the intersection
  • Jeff Leiper is spearheading a study of commercial rents trends along Wellington Ave on concerns that smaller businesses will be priced out of the market.  Some discussion is happening about the possibility of allowing such businesses to relocate to an adjacent street (rezoning would be required).
  • Some talk has resurfaced recently again about the need for a western bridge across the Ottawa R.
Old Ottawa East
  • Main Street reconstruction as a "Complete Street" progressing and will continue into summer 2016
  • Redevelopment of the former Oblates land:  970 units to be built in 4 phases and the first 2 phases have been sold to buyers
  • continuing to advocate for earlier construction of a pedestrian bridge across the canal from Clegg Ave to Fifth Ave.
  • A comprehensive parking study throughout Centretown is in progress.   Most data has been collected, is now being tabulated and results are expected to be presented in 2016.
  • Ongoing collection of data and monitoring of parking and transportation impacts of Lansdowne particularly as the full complement of businesses are now in operation
  • an audit of walking/cycling conditions along Bronson Ave has been completed in order to provide input to the street design in advance of its upcoming reconstruction
  • a new pedestrian crosswalk is being implemented across Bronson just south of the overpass of the canal
  • Scott St reconstruction continues (widening) along with new cycling facilities in advance of it's being used as the core bus corridor when the Transitway is closed for LRT construction
  • the community is concerned that the City will not commit to re-narrowing the road again once the LRT is in operation.
Sandy Hill
  • the new pedestrian bridge across the Rideau R. at Strathcona park should be ready for use in spring 2016
  • discussions are beginning on how to improve cycling conditions along Somerset St east to complement the bridge opening
  • the community is involved in advocating against a developer's request for opening up the intersection of Chapel and Beausoleil St due to concerns of the cut-through traffic seeking faster access to the Macdonald-Cartier bridge that it will induce 
3) Complete Streets Policy Adoption
  • the City has tabled a proposal for a Complete Streets policy including  a new anaylsis tool called MMLOS (Multi-Modal Level of Service)
  • MMLOS intends to quantify the level of service for pedestrians, cyclists, transit in addition to cars when new developments are proposed.
  • Traffic studies for new developments must now evaluate this new MMLOS
  • Standards are set for service levels for each user type depending on the type and location of a street (ie. Mainstreet, Arterial, downtown, suburban)

5) New Pedestrian Crossing Configurations Adopted by Ontario
  • PXOs are mid-block crossings for pedestrians
  • gives Cities new tools for improving pedestrian travel (previously mid-block crossings were generally not allowed)
  • there are 4 different types/categories depending on how busy/wide a street is
  • the City has committed to implementing a number of these in the next 3 years including 100 of type D crossings (for lower traffic residential streets) and 50 type B and C crossing (push button activated with flashing lights) for busier streets.  The majority of these will be focused on roundabouts
  • this is a good time to suggest to ward councilors locations where these would be useful
  • it is unclear what evaluation process will be used inside City Hall to decide which locations will be chosen

5) Neighourhood Traffic Calming Funding

  • the mayor's election promise was to put money in the budget for traffic calming for the next 4 years
  • looks like it will be 40k$/yr per ward
  • ward councilors are tasked with coming up with plans for their wards
  • a new traffic calming technique is being endorsed by the City...installing centreline signs down the middle of a street to give drivers a sense that the road is narrower/less open.  These are very low cost to install and will be bolted to the street in spring and removed in winter (to simplify snow clearing)
  • this is a good time to lobby councilors for locations to be considered within each ward
  • it is unclear what evaluation process will be used inside City Hall to decide which locations will be chosen

6) Airport Parkway Widening/O-Train (Trillium line) extension to South Keys

  • Environmental assessment to be debated at council in late spring 2016
  • a number of us met with City staff/consultant to question the downstream impacts of the road widening (on Bronson Ave through the Glebe)
  • and why O-Train could not be expanded before the road project
  • the City is maintaining that this downstream impact will be barely noticeable and that the road widening should goahead ASAP (prior to O-Train expansion) as both are projected to be needed anyways by 2031
  • the group met with and suggested to downtown councilors 3 approaches that could be pursued from this point
  • so far these requests for involvement of downtown councilors seem to have run into a dead end

7) Downtown Interprovincial Truck Tunnel Study

  • the results of the feasibility study are expected in early 2016
  • to be brought to council for discussion in the new year
  • Mathieu Fleury has recently been quoted on CBC as being in favour, as was Mauril Belanger in an all candidates debate for the 2015 federal election
  • submission by ASH to Province of Ontario consultations on Moving Ontario Forward Infrastructure spending priorities

8) Other ongoing initiatives we are monitoring:
  • City study on reducing minimum parking requirements in the zoning bylaw
  • City study on potential changes to implementation of overnight parking ban
  •  on implementing dynamic pricing for parking rates (varies time/by location)
  •  and the impact on existing Taxi services
  •  replacement of 417 bridges/underpasses through the downtown
Meeting adjourned, 9:10