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2014-03-26 Minutes

Mar 26th, 2014
7:00 p.m.,  Transport Action Canada's Office
Location: 211 Bronson (at Lisgar) Rm 308

Draft Agenda: 

1) Administrative
  - Agenda review, Meeting Secretary
  - Approval of Minutes: Jan 29, 2014
  - Minutes: 

2) Lansdowne Transportation Monitoring Program
  - monitoring plan (200 page document) tabled at transportation committee
  - City reluctant to implement any changes to nearby roads unless the monitoring 
    plan confirms there are problems
  - even small measures requested by the community in the few blocks closest to 
    Lansdowne were deferred by the City in favour of monitoring first

3) Complete Streets strategy forum  by Ecology Ottawa - Mar 29th
   - collaboration on how to add specifics to this policy
   - CCC brainstorm on ideas to bring to the forum
   - Complete streets imply tradeoffs from car-centric street designs
   - trade-offs in increasing degrees of challenge include
      1. re-timing signals to give more priority to pedestrians
        1a. Adding bike boxes/pavement marking to aid cyclists
      2. removing turn lanes to enable widening of sidewalks at intersections
      3. removing parking to allow reallocation of space to sidewalks/cyclists
      4. removing a through traffic lane to allow reallocation of space
   - the city will need to develop analytical metrics for each of these that can be
     used to evaluate situations to determine the above trade-offs are warranted

4) Scott street bus detours during LRT construction
   - report from DCA on ongoing meetings/discussions
   - attempting to reduce volume of buses using Scott St identifying which buses could use other routes with minimal operational

5) Downtown Interprovincial Truck Tunnel Study
   - the study terms of reference are under final review by MTO
   - ASH and LCA scheduled to meet to discuss with Mayor's office in April
   - letter sent to Mayor indicating that it was important to study designs
     which allow cars to use tunnel as well as trucks
   - in order to reduce traffic on King Edward and make it possible to
     reconfigure King Edward from 6 lanes to 4
   - also felt use by cars would increase public acceptance as more people would
     benefit from this investment.

6) LRT western extension (Tunneys to Lincoln Fields)
    - the EA for this has been grouped with the new LRT extension to Bayshore
    - new EA Statement of work for combined projects tabled in Jan 2014

7) NCC's Urban Lands Master Plan consultation, including Parkways Plan
   - NCC is seeking input on direction for its lands within the Greenbelt
   - includes plan for evolution of the parkways
   - CCC supports:
     - intent to recognize value of parkway corridors for active transportation
       and recreation and making associated improvements
     - classification of parkways into different categories
     - need to provide safer crossings of parkways at key locations

8) Development Charges Review (final report Jun 2014)
   - explanation of how these are calculated for roads and transit
   - roads and transit charges are >50% of total development charge costs
   - email sent to Peter Hume inquiring about algorithm used to assign
     charges fo these to inside vs outside Greenbelt