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2013-11-27 Minutes

7:00 p.m.,  Wed Nov 27th, 2013.  
Location: Clocktower Pub, 575 Bank St

Attendees:  Action Sandy Hill (ASH), Centretown Citizens Community Association (CCCA)
Regrets:  Old Ottawa East CA (OECA)

Draft Minutes: 

1) Administrative
  - Agenda review, Meeting Secretary
  - Approval of Minutes: Oct 30, 2013

2) 2013 Draft TMP, OCP and Pedestrian Plan review
  - report on Nov 15th Transportation Committee Mtg
      - lots of presenters asking for more cycling and complete streets focus
      - review of the addendum of proposed changes to Oct 9th draft TMP based on
         community feedback
     - downtown truck tunnel study motion

3) Discussion of proposed areas for focus in 2014 and beyond for CCC

It was agreed that the most immediate areas of focus should be the update of the development charges bylaw and ensuring implementation of complete streets as outlined in the TMP policies.

  - development charges review (target Jun 2014)
  • agreed to participate in consultations
  • aim to ensure DCs are used to fund active transportation
  • aim to ensure DCs collected inside Greenbelt fund projects inside Greenbelt
  • aim to guard that DC's collected inside Greenbelt aren't unfairly subsidizing road expansions outside the greenbelt
     - turning complete streets policy into complete streets implementations
  • ensure that the new complete streets policies are applied to upcoming road reconstructions that are expected on Main, O-Connor (for the new bike lane),  Scott, Albert and Slater (post LRT)
    - downtown truck tunnel study
  • the CCC has advocated for such a study in the past 
  • we will support this initiative and provide input into what we see are important consideration that the study should address
  - possible examples: other longer term items:
     - sources of revenue for transit/roads/cycling operational and capital costs
  • nudging the city more into the direction that the sources of funding should reflect in some ways the principle that those who use the most expensive modes of transport more often should contribute more towards the capital and operational costs than those who don't
     - moving towards an interprovincial transit strategy 
  • a strategy document exists, but how do we move the governments in this region towards an implementation strategy...even for short/medium term goals?
  • it is unlikely the impetus towards change will come from anywhere else other than our downtown communities who are the most impacted by the poor state of integration of the Ottawa and Gatineau transit systems
     - bus route network changes post LRT
  • as we move towards LRT startup in 2018, discussions will occur on the bus network changes many of which will affect routes and bus volumes in the downtown.  The CCC needs to be part of that discussion.
     - AVTC - how to get it removed entirely from the next TMP?
  • the 2013 TMP has delayed the investment in phase 2 and 3 of the AVTC by 10-15 yrs (till post 2031).  However, in the next TMP update the dates could be moved forward again.  We also should consider strategies in advance of the next TMP update to make the case why this roadway should not be built at all.  There will be many new transportation projects coming online that could impact this (O-Train expansions, 417 widenings, Hunt Club interchange to 417, Airport Parkway widening).  We must ensure that conditions 'on the ground' are adequately observed and quantified before any changes to prioritization of AVTC are considered.