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2013-06-26 Minutes

7:00 p.m.,  Wed May Jun26th , 2013.  
Pubwell’s at 96 Preston (at Spruce)

Draft Agenda: 

1) Administrative
  - Approval of Minutes: May 29, 2013

2) W-LRT Corridor Selection
  - report from Jun PCG meeting
  - updates re. mitigation measures along Parkway section of
    the Richmond underground route (underground in trench along part of the route for an additional
    cost of ~80m$.  Changes to Cleary station design
  - No further discussion of Carling Route options

3) Interprovincial Bridge
  - Ontario Gov't announcement they will not support a bridge at
    the recommended corridor (Kettle I)
  - report from NCC presentation to City transportation committee Jun 5th
  - Motion passed to ask NCC to return to present in the fall and address public delegations concerns
    including a closer examination of a downtown tunnel option
  - discussion of response to be taken by CCC

4) Interprovincial Transit Study
   - discussion of the linkages between recommendation of this study
     ..and the proposed interprovincial bridge at Kettle I
   - up to 1/3 of interprovincial transit passengers could be enticed to use new bus routes express
     to Blair LRT station
  - this lowers the ridership on Rapibus and may delay for decades the ridership necessary to
   justify investing in the long term strategy of upgrading the Rapibus to LRT crossing the river
    west of downtown

5) Transportation Master Plan 2013 update
  - planned April release of future transportation needs 
      proposals has not yet occurred
  - report expected to Transportation committee in July

 6) AVTC update
  - report on ongoing discussions with Councilor Chernushenko's office
  - how to defend against potential City moves to link Mainstreet
    ..conversion to "complete street" with future need for AVTC

7) Status update on Main St complete street re-design
     - proposal not finalized yet...expected to go to committee/council in July

8) Proposed changes to Cash-in-lieu of Parking policy
    - changes tabled at Planning committee mtg Jun 25th to eliminate policy

9) Multi-use pathway on west side of Rideau R.
    - along shoreline through Old Ottawa East
    - launch of project design phase

10) Digital Wall sign on South wall of Ottawa Convention Ctr
    - the potential sale of naming rights could include a right mount a digital wall sign
    - this is a way to resurrect the proposal again for such a sign
    - potential meeting in July to discuss community concerns with NCC