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2013-05-29 Minutes

7:00 p.m.,  Wed May 29th , 2013.  
Ottawa East Old Town Hall (OTH)
61 Main St (at Hawthorne)

1) Administrative
  - Approval of Minutes: Mar 27, 2013

2) W-LRT Corridor Selection
  - report from May PCG meeting
  - no technical studies have been released for public analysis
  - Description of the now preferred Richmond underground route
  - No further discussion of Carling Route options
  - correspondance with Councillor Taylor re. how he is now satisfied Carling is not an option
  - description of remaining issues to be resolved (mitigation measures on route over NCC land and near homes on the Parkway

3) Interprovincial Bridge
  - Kettle Is. reconfirmed (for 3rd time) as preferred location
  - opposed by politicians at all levels
  - seems likely a mediocre truck solution (attracts 30% of trucks from King Edward)
  - new cost estimate of 1.1B$
  - NCC presents to City transportation committee Jun 5th
  - discussion of position to be taken by CCC (need to explore other options which can remove more trucks from the downtown while not shifting to other communities)

4) Interprovincial Transit Study
   - many technical studies posted to website
   - no meetings scheduled to present results or accept feedback?
   - suggests some short term operational tweaks (downtown circulator loop)
   - and a long term (20 yr+) vision to convert Rapibus to LRT, with a crossing west of downtown
   - possible interim extension of O-Train over Prince of Wales bridge but is more useful for Ottawa passengers bound for Gatineau than for the key interprovincial flow of Gatineau to Ottawa
   - in the meantime (until interprovincial LRT) Ottawa downtown to remain infected with
     100+ STO buses per rush hours for next 20 years or more.

5) Transportation Master Plan 2013 update
  - April release of future transportation needs 
      proposals has not yet occurred
  - only a brief overview of projections and assumptions
     to be used is posted on the City website
  - report on discussion with project lead
  - CCC will focus on mentions of AVTC in this doc
  - report expected to Transportation committee in July

 6) AVTC update
  - The City is including a specific re-examination of the AVTC as part of the TMP update ... Status report

7) Status update on Main St re-design
     - report/comments from OECA?

8) Future meeting locations
    - all city facilities now charging 7$/hr
    - do we pay? Other options for meeting places?