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2012-05-30 Minutes

Minutes of CCC’s May 2012 Meeting

May 30, 2012 at 7:00pm

Somerset Community Police Centre

393 Somerset Street West, Ottawa


Present:               John Verbaas – Chairperson, Action Sandy Hill; Leslie Kirk - Secretary, Old Ottawa East Community Association; Roland Dorsay, Island Park Community Association; Ida Henderson, Dalhousie Community Association; and Cam Robertson, Dow`s Lake Community Association


Regrets:               Jordan Charbonneau, George Wright


          1.       Administrative

-Approval of Agenda: approved, Meeting Secretary: Leslie

- Approval of Minutes of April 11, 2012 Meeting: approved


         2.       W-LRT Corridor Selection (west of Tunney`s Pasture)

[last public consultation took place about a year ago and report was to released in the fall; no report was released; several weeks ago Citizen reports that City was dropping Carling option]

-report on email exchanges with City staff: there had been a private briefing to committee and info was leaked to media by Councillor Wilkinson

-Roland spoke with the project leader and was advised that the no recommendations had been made to the committee; meeting was only a status update; there “might” be a PCG meeting in June

                -press reports hinting at support for Richmond corridor

-Roland had been at a community meeting with the Mayor; Mayor commented that the City’s relationship with the NCC is very strained


3.            Alta Vista Transportation Corridor

                -several hundred pages of intersection count date received from city

                -John V. put data into useable format for study

-analysis of results: results show little evidence of traffic growth predicted by EA (ie. no upward trend in traffic growth)

-David’s office to use money to get an independent opinion

-construction on hospital link has been delayed for a year

-Meeting scheduled for June 1, 2012


4.            Downtown Moves (to find opportunities to improve walking/cycling coincident with LRT implementation)

                -Report from May 29th working group meeting (John V. and Jordan attended this session)

                -consultants continue to say the right things but the big ideas and scope of possible opportunities greatly diminished since launch of this study

                -John is skeptical that any fundamental improvements will be made to pedestrian and bike movement; more likely just mitigation of impacts of LRT

                -public meeting set for June 13th


5.            Province of Ontario inquiry into “gridlock” in National Capital

-Discussion of what feedback to provide if decided that CCC should make a submission

-the scope of the investigation is large but timelines for completing the study is short which suggests that project not being taken seriously

Cam suggests that emphasis be to focus on public transit and how shifting resources for highway expansion be directed to transit

-Roland makes practical suggestion that enforcing no blocking of intersections would improve gridlock situation

-John V. put together some comments for the committee (were circulated via CCC list)


6.            East-end Ottawa River Inter-provincial crossing

                -Report on May 23rd PCG meeting, first meeting since last summer

                -best routing for each bridge determined

                -transportation analysis released

-provided info on redistribution of truck traffic resulting from the various scenarios: other than banning trucks on King Edward, not much improvement on overall truck in downtown situation (best that can be said is that it not as bad as it would be if no bridge was built)

-public meeting to be held in June and choice to be announced in the fall



Active files waiting for next steps

        1.       Interprovincial Transit Study: Report was due by end of 2011

        2.       Ottawa River Crossing Phase 2B (new bridge): next PCG scheduled for late May, Summary Report due in June

        3.       W-LRT Corridor Selection: announcement of preferred route delayed

        4.       Footbridges

a.       Rideau River (Somerset to Donald streets)

b.      Rideau Canal Footbridge (5th Avenue to Clegg): Open house scheduled for Spring delayed to the Fall



NEXT MEETING: Last Wednesday of June (June 27th, 2012)