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2010-10-28 meeting minutes

Below are the minutes of the last (Oct 28th) CCC meeting.

City Centre Coalition
7pm, October 28, 2010
Dalhousie Community Centre, 755 Somerset Street West, Room 33


John Verbaas, Action Sandy Hill, Chair
Leslie Kirk, Old Ottawa East Community Association, Vice-chair 
Roland Dorsay, Island Park Community Association 
Cam Robertson, Dow’s Lake Residents’ Association 
David Jeanes, Transport Action Canada 
David Gladstone


Charles Ackben-Marchand, Centretown Residents Association 
Ida Henderson, Dalhousie CA

1)      Administrative
a.       Meeting Secretary: Leslie volunteered to be regular meeting secretary.
b.      Approval of September 23, 2010 meeting: approved.

2)      Western LRT Extension Route Selection EA
a.  Cam and Roland discussed the October 4, 2010 planning workshops that they attended  i. Found the workshop to be well structured. About 50 attendees.  Participants were asked to identify relevant topics and issues were grouped together.  Groups formed and discussed a particular issue. Wide spectrum of views on most issues. Some debate about the importance of deciding whether LRT should be “rapid” or “local”.

CONCLUSION: Not the most helpful exercise.  Wide spectrum of opinions can give City planners almost unlimited  choice of concerns/issues/views.

b.  Preparation of CCC views for November 9, 2010 public consultation meeting
  i.  John will attend this meeting.
 ii.  John to look into any specific opportunities to submit 
      written submissions.
iii.  Topics to be discussed set out in agenda.  Topics include
       existing conditions, needs & justifications, objectives, criteria  iv.  Reviewed CCC list of concerns/criteria: impact on ridership 
      impacts within the greenbelt and on suburbs, intensification/ 
      development potential on candidate routes, impact on modal
       splits, increasing revenue and all day usage, long term 
       plan for rail on Carling, environment impact.
 v.    David Gladston reiterated his suggestions to re-use 
        existing rail lines as a better way forward


3)  NCC Canal Pedestrian Crossing Study
a.       Next public consultation to be held October 28, 2010.
b.      Discussed Charles’ comments to CCC email list.

ACTION: determine “member” groups’ priority crossings and report back at next meeting

4)  Downtown Segregated East-West Bike Lane
a.    Next consultation meeting to be held November 23, 2010. 
b.    Indications are that staff are leaning towards Laurier Avenue.
c.    Discussion about how Laurier may be superior to Somerset with
      respect to canal crossing (Crossing Ottawa U at Somerset has 
      challenges to getting  through transit underpass, ramps 
      and pedestrian traffic)
d.    Discussion about some drawbacks to Laurier including busy 
      intersections and parking garage exit/entrances.
e.    Does CCC take a position supporting/not supporting Laurier option? 
     i.   CCC to let Citizens for Safe Cycling take the lead on 
           commenting on particular street choice.
    ii.   CCC fully supports “a” downtown bike lane.


5)      CCC Website

a.  Purpose of website: “definitive” site for major transit   
    issues/projects in Ottawa.  “Definitive” does not necessarily 
    mean covering all transit projects.  A good place to find 
    relevant links and documents and history of various projects.
b.  Possible content: Agenda and Minutes ( concerns related to 
    people that may not want their names to appear online), calendar
    of all transit-related meetings/events, reports, studies, links
    to other relevant sites, information on how to become involved,
    CCC mandate/history
c.  Level of interactivity: Start with a lower level of 
    interactivity and then determine what would be best

ACTION: John to put together prototype and solicit comments


6)      Debriefing on Municipal Election & Watson’s Proposed Changes to Council
a.       Discussed how new council line-up may impact CCC positions.
b.      Discussed impact of Watson’s idea to reduce size of Council in relations to diminishing urban representation on council

ACTION: Introduce CCC to new councillors/arrange meetings.  Make “member” associations aware of implications of reduced council size

7)      Other Announcement or Items from the Floor
a.       None

Next Meeting:  Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 7:00pm (location TBA)