1. Other Groups / Organizations focused on Ottawa Transportation Issues

WestSide Action Blog: A personal blog focused on urban planning and urban transportation issues in Ottawa with particular focus on the immediate area west of the downtown.

Transit Ottawa Blog: Commentary on transit related issues in Ottawa

Sustainable Solutions:  A group dedicated to finding a better solution to the Ottawa downtown interprovincial truck problem

Citizens for Safe Cycling:  Citizens Group working to promote increased cycling in Ottawa

Walk Ottawa: Citizens Group advocating for improvements to the pedestrian realm in Ottawa

Skyscraper Forum: Online conversations on transit and road projects in Ottawa

Past Websites no longer operating:

King Edward Avenue Task Force:  Description of the History of Issues on King Edward Avenue

Friends of the O-Train:  A group of transit enthusiasts with particular affinity to rail based solutions

2. Project Specific Websites

(The NCC has removed much of the documentation previously available on this site)
 Some documentation still exists and the public has kept information available at

 (The NCC has removed this website along with the detailed reports and studies from public accessibility). For more information: CCC Interprovincial Transit page

3. Resources on Transportation Planning in the National Capital Region

City of Ottawa Transportation Planning: Master plan for Roads, Transit, Cycling and Walking

TRANS: Umbrella group of Agencies responsible for transportation planning in the NCR.  

4. Links to the Wider Community

Transport Action Canada:  Advocacy group for more environmentally sound transportation solutions

Ecology Ottawa: Advocacy group on broader topics of environmental sustainability in Ottawa

Canadian Urban Transit Association: Source of information on transit systems across Canada