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W-LRT Route Selection Interim Report

posted Jul 25, 2012, 10:16 AM by John Verbaas

After a delay of more than a year, the project team produced an interim report and recommendation to City Council.  This occurred prior to convening any further meetings of the public consultation group (PCG) in which the CCC is a participant.  The PCG meeting was then held, subsequent to the report and decisions at City Council.

The report produced a diagram illustrating the rankings of the 15 corridors based on a complex matrix of ranking criteria/sub-criteria.  Based on this information council permission was requested to perform more in-depth analysis on the top 4 ranked corridors.  The Carling Ave route is not a part of any of these corridors.

At the City Council meeting considerable discussion prevailed on whether or not this meant that a Carling Ave centric route was 'off the table' and would no longer be considered.  The public was assured this was not the case and that 'all routes remain on the table'.  However it is difficult to understand how this could be possible when Council directed City Staff and their consultants to concentrate further analysis on the top 4 (Ottawa River Parkway-ORP corridor and 3 of the Richmond/Byron corridor variations) none of which involve a Carling Ave based route.

Report is expected back by mid-2013 with a recommendation of a preferred primary corridor for the W-LRT  route from Tunney's Pasture to Lincoln Fields/Algonquin College.

Further information and a discussion of the CCC perspective on this interim report is available on our W-LRT project page.