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Proposal to double O-Train service/capacity

posted Jun 14, 2011, 5:54 AM by John Verbaas
On Wed Jun 15th 2011, OC Transpo put forward a proposal to double the capacity/frequency of O-Train service. Apparently the savings on bus costs almost completely covers the costs to implement this O-Train expansion. Congratulations to those who have been advocating for greater use of the O-Train corridor for years. Hopefully the City will pay a little more attention to your suggestions next time around! 

Regarding a 2nd stage of expansion - route extension to Riverside south...this is what this report has to say:   "At the Transit Commission meeting of May 18, 2011, staff were directed to analyze the feasibility of extending the O-Train corridor south.  Pending Commission and Council approval of this report, staff will proceed with a feasibility study using existing budgets."

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