Current initiatives

The CCC is currently (Jan 2015 update) participating as a member in the following City-wide public consultations
1. O-Train (Trillium Line) extension to Riverside South (and spur to Airport)
In addition to extending the line to Riverside South (Bowesville and Leitrim stations) and a proposed 'spur connection' to the airport...the project also envisions adding new stations along the existing line at Gladstone, Walkley, and South Keys.  The current target date for these changes to be in service is 2023 with a projected cost of 99m$.  A plan with recomended route is expected to go to City Council for approval  in June 2015.

2.  Airport Parkway/Lester Rd Widening
This project is proposed to have a 3 stage rollout as follows:
Stage 1: expand Airport parkway to 4 lanes divided hwy between Hunt Club and Brookfield
  - Completion is envisioned for 2019, Projected Cost: 31m$
Stage 2:  expand Lester Rd to 4 lanes between Albion Rd and the Airport Parkway
  - Completion envisioned for 2020-2025 timeframe, Projected Cost: 13m$
Stage 3: expand Airport parkway to 4 lanes divided hwy between the Airport and Hunt Club
  - Completion envisioned for 2026-2031 timeframe, projected cost 36m$
End-End project cost =  80m$
The study is expected to go through 3 rounds of public open houses (the 1st occured on Jan 27, 2015) and be finished in the latter half of 2016.
3.  Hwy 174/Regional Rd 17 Widening + LRT extension to Orleans
A study had been initiated in 2012 to widen the 174 from the Split to Rockland.  In 2013 the revised Transportation Master Plan also included a  new plan (not originally envisioned in the 2008 Transportation Master Plan) to extend the LRT from Blair Station to Orleans.   As a result of this change, it was decided to combine the study for the LRT extension together with the road widening study as they will be sharing the same corridor and the 2 plans should be co-ordinated.  Public Open Houses for Round 2 of these studies are planned for Feb 3,4,5  (2015) and study completion is expected in

4.  O-Connor Street Bikeway
The city is planning to add segregated cycling lanes along O-Connor St from Wellington St to just south of the 417.  A preliminary update meeting occurred in the fall of 2014 to solicit feedback on several alternative designs.  A recommended plan is expected in the spring of 2014.  The design is constrained to work within the existing curb widths of the street (because shifting curbs signficantly escalates the cost).  The implementation of this cycling facility will remove travel lanes and some parking from O-Connor St.   Some of the key decisions for the design involve resolving some of the following issues:
 - a uni-directional cycling lane on each side of O-Connor vs bi-directional lane on east or west side
 - how to accomodate the least inconvenient crossing of Catherine St and Chamberlain St at the 417
 - what is the best method for separating the cycling facility from the roadway

5.  Western LRT Extenstion (Tunney's Pasture to Baseline/Bayshore)
No doubt most readers have seen reports in the media of the challenges the City and the NCC are facing coming to an agreement on the exact routing for this LRT extension as it impacts the Ottawa River Parkway.  Supposedly discussions are ongoing.  The CCC has been involved in one of the public consultation groups which last convened in June 2013 (18 months ago) and no updates have been made public since that time.  It is unclear at this time what the timelines are for next steps/completion of this study.

    - more details can be found on our W-LRT page
6. Interprovincial Truck Tunnel Feasibility Study
This study is currently underway and a report is expected by the end of 2015.  There are no public consultation steps expected prior to the release of the report.   Some of the issues the study is evaluating include:
  - best routing for the tunnel
  - how to integrate the tunnel portals with the existing road network at the north and south ends
  - to what extent the tunnel can accomodate cars as well as trucks
  - how best to deal with shipments of dangerous goods
  - cost estimate

 CCC Details:  Downtown Truck Tunnel

Initiatives with most recent past involvement:

1. Alta Vista Corridor:  
  • The CCC is also involved in an initiative to re-evaluate the need for Ph2 and Ph3 of the proposed Alta Vista Corridor (AVC) 
  • The CCC intends to provide input to the 2013 update of the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) specific to  this topic.  
  • more details can be found on our AVTC page
2. Transportation Master Plan 2013 Update
  • The CCC will be participating in the public consultations during 2013 and 2014 for the update of the Transportation Master Plan and Development Charges By-Law
  • Since the City of Ottawa has invited representatives from the FCA to participate at a more direct level with the City, the CCC will also liase with the FCA to guide the input provided by the FCA to the City.
  • Details can be found on the TMP 2013 page

3. Interprovincial Crossings (Bridge) Study led by the NCC
    - more details can be found on our Interprovincial Crossings page

4. Interprovincial Transit Study led by the NCC
    - more details can be found on our Interprovincial Transit Study page

5. Downtown Moves: Re-visioning Pedestrian and Cycling Mobility Downtown, Post LRT
  • starting in Fall 2011, the City of Ottawa is conducting a study that seeks to study the changes in the downtown area once the east-west LRT is operating (2018) and the number of buses is significantly reduced downtown
  • possible changes to downtown mobility may include adjustments to the pedestrian and cycling environment as well as to the road network (eg. conversion of 1-way streets back to 2-way, etc)
  • more details can be found at our Downtown Moves page.